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Engineering quotation and maintenance of circuit board


Project quotation

1. Design the circuit, oil circuit, gas circuit and circuit diagram free of charge according to the requirements of customers. According to the size of the work quantity, the selection of materials and equipment, the quotation shall be made to the customer within one week.

Distribution of processing plants

2. Circuit board processing plants are distributed in both the South and the north. There are more multilayer circuit boards in the South and more single-sided circuit boards in the north, mainly including rigid printed boards, aluminum substrates and Xiangyu circuit boards.


When the circuit board is in use, it shall be maintained regularly to ensure that the circuit board works in good condition and reduce the failure rate of the circuit board.

The maintenance of the circuit board in use is divided into the following situations:

1. Semi maintenance:

(1) clean the dust on the circuit board every quarter with the special cleaning solution for the circuit board. After cleaning the dust on the circuit board, blow the circuit board dry with a blower.

(2) observe whether the electronic components in the circuit have traces of high temperature and whether the electrolytic capacitor bulges and leaks liquid. If so, replace it.

2. Annual maintenance:

(1) clean the dust on the circuit board.

⑵ spot check the capacity of electrolytic capacitors in the circuit board. If it is found that the capacity of electrolytic capacitors is less than 20% of the nominal capacity, they should be replaced. Generally, all electrolytic capacitors should be replaced after working for about 10 years to ensure the working performance of the circuit board.

(3) for high-power devices coated with heat dissipation silicone grease, check whether the heat dissipation silicone grease is dry and solid. For dry and solid devices, remove the dry and solid heat dissipation silicone grease and apply new heat dissipation silicone grease to prevent the high-power devices in the circuit board from burning out due to poor heat dissipation.